Online social networks have become more than important: it is now impossible to build a relevant digital strategy without communicating on Facebook or Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat... And to develop a brand image on social media, it is essential to rely on quality content and a deep knowledge of each platform. You want to start or boost your social media presence? Early Spider provides a social media manager to strengthen your teams.

    Social media

    Content monitoring

    Social web is made of sharing communities. Social media management therefore needs to rely on interesting, diversified content... and not just advertising. It must of course feature the content that the brand produces, but not only this.

    We therefore recommend setting up a personalized monitoring tool. Combining RSS feeds, search engines and social networks, each week it will then be possible to find new relevant content:

    Articles on the professional sector

    Scientific studies

    Partner news

    Focus on innovations

    Recent legislative changes

    Infographics and multimedia

    This content curation tool can also be used to monitor your online reputation. Positive content can be relayed and amplified, while negative echoes can be analyzed to consider a response, whether on the product or with a marketing action.


    Social media creation

    Online social networks have their own codes, and they vary significantly from one platform to another: tone of messages, media type and importance, use of mentions and hashtags, number of characters... Whether it is for long-term networking or to cover an event with live tweeting, Early Spider is here to help you boost your social marketing.

    On the basis of shareable content and a 2.0 editorial line defined upstream, we can be in control of the posts drafting, the media search or the creation of personalized content. As we closely follow the social networks’ developments and successful examples, we design our posts to maximize their organic reach. They can be validated before publication and, if necessary, can also be translated into French or Spanish to give them an international scope.


    Moderation, animation and reports

    Internet is a world of immediacy, and reactivity is essential on social networks. Our services in social media management fulfill this requirement, including moderation 7 days a week.

    We can also propose and lead marketing actions to expand the audience organically: account setup optimization, teasing and special operations, development of interactions, targeting and soliciting opinion leaders, deployment of new features like a chatbot (or conversational robot)... We can also set up and monitor advertising campaigns on social networks.

    Lastly, social media marketing permits us to measure very precisely the impact of marketing actions and their ROI (Return On Investment). On a regular basis, for example once a month and once a year, we can deliver an infographic overview of key indicators. These reports allow a quantitative analysis (number of posts, new followers, likes…), but also qualitative (engagement rate, thematic, knowledge about the followers...) to refine the overall strategy.


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