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    Early Spider is not a traditional company, but a gathering of expert freelancers. New technologies disrupted the work market and methods, especially in the service sector and on the web, and our positioning online is the result of this transformation. Natively digital, international, agile and focused on innovation, the agency created by Thibaut Angelvy in 2019 is a pool of complementary talents scattered around the world and associated in teams according to the projects.

    Why Early Spider?

    Our totem animal is the spider. Because we weave complex, harmonious and durable canvases: spider silk is five times stronger than steel! A symbol of creativity, the spider would be at the origin of the primordial alphabet. Under the name of Anansi, it even would have been at the base of the creation of men according to West African mythology in which it embodies patience and wisdom.

    Zealous, our spider gets to work and updates "early", because the world belongs to those who awake early. Whether it is to lay the first foundations of a startup's digital strategy or to explore innovative techniques, Early Spider has a pioneering soul and loves exploring new territories.


    A global vision for your web marketing strategies

    To exist on the web nowadays is a real challenge. Lost among thousands of search engine results, brands must invest heavily to stand out from the rest. Platforms to gain visibility are multiplying and each of these ecosystems determines differently what is featured: Facebook considers first the user's network and affinities, while Google focuses on the page content and the user's geolocation. When resources are limited, it is therefore crucial to focus on efficiency and build a relevant web strategy considering the means and the objectives.

    Boussole conseil

    At Early Spider, strategic consulting is not optional but integrated into each of our services.


    Our first expertise is the ability to understand the digital value chain as a whole and use this global vision to guide you towards the best decisions.

    The choice of the tools, tone of the messages, distribution channels: we ensure coherence and complementarity of what already exists while aiming to follow the latest trends and good practices in design, ergonomics, accessibility, SEO, networks...

    For example, it seems to us unimaginable to develop a website without making it responsive, to write a text without taking natural referencing into account, or to design an add without considering its declination on social media. We have the conviction that web marketing actions must form a virtuous circle, each one reinforcing the overall strategy and being part of a continual improvement process.


    Creative and made to measure advisement

    Sometimes you need to go backwards... to jump higher! When launching a new project, our first step is to point out any gaps or inconsistencies in order to refine and improve the brief with the client's help. The objective is then to co-build a working methodology that includes regular evaluations to analyze past actions and their impact in order to optimize those to come.

    As is the case today for many websites (like Facebook, for example), we believe that a good web strategy must be in "perpetual beta": it must include tests and be continuously challenged depending on the evolution of the target or expectations. We will be a creative force to adjust marketing actions or propose innovative alternatives.

    In our opinion, qualitative support must also be personalized. Each new project therefore gives rise to:

    The appointment of a project manager who will be your favored interlocutor

    The creation of dedicated email address(es) in @earlyspider.com

    The opening of a customer area including your quotations and invoices

    The use of a backwards planning and / or a project management tool

    The archiving of key documents and backups to a secure cloud

    Last but not least, we attach great importance to meeting deadlines and know how to adapt to unforeseen emergencies without lowering our quality requirement.


    A multicultural team of complementary talents

    At first glance, many Early Spider experts are alike. Representatives of generations Y and Z who grew up with new technologies, 5 to 10 years of experience in marketing, freelancers and digital nomads. But it is the complementarity of their skills that brings them together: graphic designers, developers, writers, translators, social media managers, natural or paid referencing specialists, data analysts... even if some know how to hold several concurrently, it is impossible to wear all these hats at once!

    We are part of the "Erasmus generation" and the team is firmly international: we can rely on a British translator based in France, a French social media manager who lives in Spain or a web designer who creates from Cambodia! All of them speak fluent English and at least one other language such as French and Spanish.

    Thibaut Angelvy

    Early Spider is coordinated by Thibaut Angelvy who is a growth hacker expert in content marketing.

    A versatile professional with a scientific brain but literary-minded, graduated in communication management, he first was a journalist and editor and then learned different programming languages, SEO and social media techniques.

    Project manager and web consultant in a french agency for six years, he is also multilingual: French (mother tongue); English and Spanish (fluent); Italian and German.


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    A work philosophy and strong values

    Our cardinal values ​​are integrity and humility. At Early Spider, we are not afraid to aim for ambitious goals, but they are always realistic: we will never promise that your website will be the first result for all Internet users on Google or that your followers on Twitter will increase fivefold each month! We are not pretending to be omniscient and have a constant desire to learn and challenge our convictions.

    If we each have preferences and specialties, we make sure to keep an independent point of view in order to give a fair opinion on the different choices to be made. Hosting, development languages ​​or CMS, marketing tools, social networks to invest... the first priority is that the final product suits the customer, that he can easily take control of it and that it integrates harmoniously his infrastructure and his work habits.

    Natively digital, Early Spider has a modern and civic vision of new technologies. We mainly use open source solutions and prefer free software when they meet our quality requirements. We also participate in the collective effort of sharing experience and techniques on specialized forums. Particularly attentive to the respect of the environment, we limit the use of individual transports, we follow a "zero paper" policy and we strive to reduce the impact of our digital activities with a logic of green IT.

    Finally, we are humanists, progressives and actors of social change. Driven by innovation, many of us are also invested in at least one associative project and provide skills sponsorship. Early Spider actually offers discounts for startups and associations, but also students and job seekers.


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