Assises des déchets

The Assises des Déchets is a biennial event created in 1991 in France that brings together a wide range of stakeholders involved in waste management, including representatives from government, industry, public bodies, and voluntary organisations. The event takes place in Nantes over two days and includes plenary sessions, technical workshops and innovation challenges.



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Thierry Meunier & Stéphanie Rouxel

President and Operational Manager - Assises nationales des déchets

With its wide range of services and its network, we have enjoyed working with Early Spider for several years. Its advantages ? Remarkable human qualities, real listening, involvement in the subjects, valuable advice and great responsiveness!


What we

Because it is a partnership in the field of ecological transition, tackling key issues and proposing innovations in the sector. This event is partly funded by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and with the participation of waste industry players, these conferences are a crucial space to discuss issues related to waste prevention, waste management and treatment, the circular economy and recycling.

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Production of articles throughout the year on the website, published on Wordpress. During the event, this production was intensified with the writing of articles on the key moments of the event, reaching the publication of 15 articles in two days.

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