Direct marketing

    With the development of internet technologies and social networks, inbound marketing has become more and more important. A qualitative marketing strategy therefore requires a thorough effort to develop the brand image and its attractive "organic" potential. However, direct marketing techniques like advertising and emailing should not be neglected, because they can trigger the decisive leverage effect.

    SEA: Internet, biggest advertising sector

    Yesterday, print media and TV were the best advertising mediums. But the web now captures the largest share of advertising investments. Not a surprise considering the key role of search engines and social networks in the consumer buying process, but also because online advertising is more affordable and allows to determine very accurately the impact of investments.

    Today, Google is the world's top advertising company. Beyond SEO, paid search campaigns can boost the visibility of a new website or a commercial landing page. But if your brand is on social networks, it may also be relevant to dedicate a part of the budget to social ads. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram, many platforms offer a powerful and laser-sharp advertising tool.

    These tools are rather intuitive, but they are nevertheless designed to spend the maximum budget... sometimes at the expense of efficiency. We therefore integrate a daily monitoring of campaigns, allowing, if necessary, to readjust and optimize their impact while controlling costs. Once a campaign is over, we prepare an infographic report of its performance in order to improve the following campaigns.

    Choice of the promotion platform(s)

    Prioritization of marketing channels and strategic keywords

    Creation of the campaign texts and visuals

    Target and budget setting

    Monitoring and optimization

    Quantitative reports

    Emailing and push marketing

    Internet users are overwhelmed by information, and online marketing campaigns inevitably hit a partial audience. It is therefore often useful to employ push marketing, sending targeted emails or other types of messages (SMS, WhatsApp, Viber...). Many variations are possible, but the most popular form is the e-newsletter.

    Early Spider can help you to add dedicated tools on your website, design a newsletter editorial policy, define a summary or write articles and publish them online. We also offer various technical services:

    Choice of a tool (website plugin, external service or both)

    Creation of email template(s) (newsletter, promotions, invitations…)

    Templates HTML development / integration

    Sending server configuration

    Contacts extraction and import, email bounce management

    Subscription forms

    Email creation, sending and monitoring

    Quantitative reports

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