We are in the era of conversational web, and it is essential for brands to participate with a digital speech. "Content is King", says an Internet adage, and the rise of inbound marketing has further strengthened its importance. Specialist in editorial strategies, Early Spider accompanies you to polish your speech, then produce quality content optimized for SEO.


    Chief Editor and editorial coordination

    To make a success of your content marketing strategy, you will need to appoint a "captain". Responsible for respecting the editorial line and the deadlines, the contents quality and homogeneity, the topics diversity and complementarity, the editor-in-chief occupies a central role. He can build up an editorial line and choose the categories; imagine or collect subject ideas; recruit, brief and lead a team of content producers; do the desk editing and follow the validations...

    This coordination role can be very time-consuming. At Early Spider, we therefore use dedicated tools:

    Mailing lists and email alerts

    Content monitoring tool

    Subjects submission form

    Editorial calendar

    Project management tools such as kanban

    Document management system (DMS) with version control

    For the most ambitious projects, we deploy a tailor-made editorial extranet that can combine all these tools.

    Web copywriting and brand content

    Writing for the web is a challenge. You need to capture the attention of users saturated with information and at the same time optimize the SEO so that the page gets well positioned in the search results. Writing for humans, being understood by bots. This requires, among other things, multiplying catchphrases, highlighting strategic keywords while ensuring the lexical richness of the text, constantly thinking about the final reader without forgetting that, very often, he will arrive on the page thanks to artificial intelligence.

    Rédaction blog

    Early Spider can write (or rewrite) all types of content to bring meaning and substance to your communication strategy:

    • On your website, the "cold" content (presentation of the brand, the team, the products or services...) and the "hot" content (special issues, articles, interviews, blog posts, tutorials...);
    • Commercial documents (brochures, catalogs, responses to invitations to tender...);
    • Texts for promotion on external platforms (projects in crowdfunding, presentation for directories, press releases and press kits, etc.);
    • Brand content articles (editorial publicity)...

    We are particularly attentive to content quality and its adequacy with the target, whether in substance (accuracy, relevance, originality) or in form (number of words, titles and catchphrases, orthographic and syntactic correction).

    We also integrate from the beginning the adaptation to the diffusion channel. For online use, for example, Early Spider obviously delivers SEO optimized texts, but can also format documents to ease the publishing process, write metadata, choose associated tags…

    Multimedia and digital objects

    If texts remain essential, rich media has become central in digital marketing. Early Spider relies on different tools and providers to offer a wide range of multimedia and / or interactive content.



    Search for royalty free images

    Documentary photography

    Creation of custom visuals


    Web objects and infographics

    Search for videos on specialized platforms and social networks

    Setting exportable widgets
    (Google map, TripAdvisor reviews, social network posts, playlist, Amazon products…)

    Custom maps and timelines
    (with generator)

    Static or dynamic infographics
    (with generator or custom-made)

    Web documentaries
    (with generator or custom-made)


    Video and animation

    Video reportage

    Motion design (with generator)

    Custom-made animation


    Once the content is produced and validated, Early Spider can translate, upload, share it on social networks and/or boost its visibility. An overall support that guarantees a high quality and consistency throughout the content life cycle and an excellent operationality with shortened deadlines.


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