Business Solutions Atlantic France

Business Solutions Atlantic France is the brand used by the international service of Solutions&co, the economic development agency of French region Pays de la Loire. Early Spider is in charge of an inbound marketing strategy which includes articles and community management in English.


Logo Solutions&co


Points of reference

Status Public sector
Projection International
Headquarters Nantes France
Languages used

French France
English Anglais



What she says about us

Vanessa Monfort

International communication manager - Economic development agency of Pays de la Loire region

Early Spider accompanies us on a daily basis with clear advice, a real driving force and a very professional eye with a vision both macro and micro. The agency understood our needs straight away and adapts to our requests with remarkable agility. Its services are personalized and really responsive in all circumstances as well for our digital strategy, our social networks or our international translations, thank you for this complementarity at all times.


What we

The Pays de la Loire region is particularly dynamic, innovative and open to the international. It welcomes and supports more than 1,000 internationally-owned companies on its territory and stands out in sectors of the future such as IoT and virtual reality, renewable marine energy, industry 4.0, biotechnologies and sustainable transportation.


Copywriting articles in English

Production of one to two articles per week for the website, publication in Wordpress.


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#innovation #solidarity

#innovation #healthcare

#innovation #solidarity

#MRE #energy

#innovation #maritime

#business #AtlanticFrance



Rewriting and SEO

Rewriting of the "market opportunities" pages to harmonize the discourse by favoring a direct and engaging tone, optimization of content (SEO).


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#digital #innovation

#MRE #energy

#transportation #innovation

#VR #innovation



Community management on Linkedin

Publication of a dozen posts per month, moderation, analysis and advice.


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